About Andrew Richardson

Richardson Ag Solutions Director Andrew Richardson grew up in a rural farming family in the district of Goondiwindi, Southern Queensland. Andrew then went on to study Rural Technology at UQ Gatton, followed by extensive studies directed towards grazing practises and rural management. Since that time Andrew has gained over 20 years of experience within the Agricultural sector, working in both Australia and North America.


Over the past ten years Andrew Richardson has been directly involved with a broad cross section of Agricultural projects, which included a business partnership developing four properties and a feedlot.  This venture developed and managed sustainable pasture and grazing operations, with a reliable cattle backgrounding enterprise through grazing management techniques and then completing the supply chain by finishing cattle in their purpose built feedlot.  During these years Andrew consulted and helped many farmers and graziers develop their own successful grazing and Leucaena enterprises. More recently Andrew has been involved with the Coal seam gas sector with the aim of developing sustainable irrigated agriculture using treated CSG water.


The combination of innovation and sustainability are the basis behind the Richardson Ag Solutions philosophy.  Richardson AG Solutions is focused on providing excellence in consulting, design and management. One of Andrew’s passions is Leucaena and he has been growing it for the last 10 years and helping others over the last 5 years. Andrew is the Industry representative for Leucaena network and has been greatly involved with helping with the University of QLD’s research work.


Andrew’s business also includes contracting services to the Agricultural sector, with areas of experience in whole property development, planning and consulting, Broad acre property development, Irrigated and Dryland Leucaena Management and Establishment, and Intensive rotational grazing systems design and Management.


Andrew and Renee Richardson



  • Property Development and Rehabilitation
  • Agricultural Irrigation Development
  • Integrated Water Supply Development
  • Leucaena Development
  • Light Civil Works


  • Leucaena Establishment
  • Dry Land and Irrigated Cropping
  • Property Development
  • Agricultural Irrigation Installation
  • Fencing
  • Stock Watering Systems


  • Whole Property Planning
  • Grazing Management Planning
  • Livestock Handling Facilities
  • Leucaena Development
  • Irrigation Development
  • Land Rehabilitation