Our Services


  • Property Development and Rehabilitation – Land preparation, regrowth control, pasture establishment and improvement, fencing and water infrastructure, rehabilitation of degraded land and waterways.
  • Agricultural Irrigation Development – Design, development, supervision and implementation of irrigation systems development.
  • Integrated Water Supply Development – Development of efficient and effective water supply and reticulation systems.
  • Leucaena Development – Planning, development and management of irrigated and dryland Leucaena projects



  • Leucaena Establishment – Ground preparation, planting, spraying, pasture establishment.
  • Dry Land and Irrigated Cropping – Ground preparation, planting, spraying, and cultivation.
  • Property Development – Land preparation, regrowth control, stick raking, blade ploughing, contouring, rehabilitation works.
  • Agricultural Irrigation Installation – Centre pivot and drip irrigation.
  • Soil Coring and Sampling
  • Contour bank construction
  • Fencing – Permanent fencing and electric fencing systems for livestock grazing and management of riparian and other sensitive rural property zones.
  • Stock Watering Systems – Installation of stock watering systems using, poly pipe, troughs, tanks and water dosing equipment.



  • Whole Property Planning – GIS property mapping and whole property development and operations planning which responds to soil type, vegetation, riparian, cropping, grazing, fencing, biodiversity conservation issues, characteristics and opportunities.
  • Grazing Management Planning – Development and implementation of sustainable grazing management plans including time controlled grazing to improve the long term profitability, environmental condition and sustainability of grazing lands.
  • Livestock Handling Facilities – Design of leading edge automated features including low stress stock handling systems as well as advanced occupational health and safety measures.
  • Farm Mapping -  Survey, Contours, Elevation
  • Leucaena Development – Agronomy, establishment and management.
  • Irrigation Development - Consulting on the implementation of agricultural irrigation projects.


  • Property Development and Rehabilitation
  • Agricultural Irrigation Development
  • Integrated Water Supply Development
  • Leucaena Development
  • Light Civil Works


  • Leucaena Establishment
  • Dry Land and Irrigated Cropping
  • Property Development
  • Agricultural Irrigation Installation
  • Fencing
  • Stock Watering Systems


  • Whole Property Planning
  • Grazing Management Planning
  • Livestock Handling Facilities
  • Leucaena Development
  • Irrigation Development
  • Land Rehabilitation