Leucaena is a high quality, long-lived leguminous forage tree. First introduced by CSIRO in the 1950s for extensive grazing systems for tropical Australia. Today it is also being used by livestock producers in cooler climates. It is now common place in Southern Qld.


Leucaena produces very palatable, nutritious, high protein leaf for cattle giving live weight gains of 250-300 kg/HD/Year, or 125 – 150kg per hectare at a stocking rate of 1hd:2ha. This is twice that of grass only pastures. Cattle producers are adopting Leucaena at an increasing rate and include large-scale property plantings up to 15,000Ha. It is estimated that there is 250 000 plus hectares planted accross QLD and Northern Australia.


Cattle fattened on combined Leucaena and grass pastures produce beef of superior quality and can meet all premium domestic and export grass-fed market specifications.


RAS has been growing and consulting with graziers for 11 years, and has established Leuceana across Southern and South West QLD. In the last three years we have been the first agribusiness to work with the energy companies to establish Leucaena with the use of treated CSG water. This has been a positive outcome by realising a benefiial use for this by product of the CSG process.


We provide the following services:

  • Leucaena ConsultingAgronomy, Establishment and Grazing management, Irrigation systems
  • Leucaena Development Planning, development and management of irrigated and dryland Leucaena projects
  • Leucaena EstablishmentLand Preparation, Planting, Fertilising, Spraying and inter row grass establishment.



  • Property Development and Rehabilitation
  • Agricultural Irrigation Development
  • Integrated Water Supply Development
  • Leucaena Development
  • Light Civil Works


  • Leucaena Establishment
  • Dry Land and Irrigated Cropping
  • Property Development
  • Agricultural Irrigation Installation
  • Fencing
  • Stock Watering Systems


  • Whole Property Planning
  • Grazing Management Planning
  • Livestock Handling Facilities
  • Leucaena Development
  • Irrigation Development
  • Land Rehabilitation